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    STAKS Office Supply is an independent full service distributor of office supplies and services, computing supplies, furniture, and special promotional needs located in far north Houston.

  • STAKS Business & Janitorial Products

    STAKS provides you with all your business and janitorial needs for your office.

Quality, Availability, & Competitiveness.

The three universal words that are used in the search for your office supplies provider. At STAKS we take it a step further to ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer.


We are people you can trust. Why? Because we communicate, tell the truth (not give an answer), do what we promise, maintain financial honesty, and we are a representative of CHRIST in the work place through service.


We have a Servant's Heart. We will display humility, giving first priority to the needs of others. “The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Matthew 23:11-12


We provide pricing that can't be beat. We are committed to excellence. As an organization we build on our strengths, work on the weaknesses, and solve problems in a timely manner.

Today, STAKS continues to press toward the mark of excellence. We contend that no two organizations operate the same and each has different needs and requirements. We are here to ensure that you do business in an efficient manner while focusing on growing your bottom line. STAKS is a multi-faceted corporation that is ever conscious of the need to be cost-competitive in today’s business world. Our one-on-one consulting is designed to teach you how to lower your office supply costs while continuing to grow your business. At STAKS we believe in building partnerships where everybody wins. Our mission is to always honor God with our substance, operate in excellence, invest in the development of others, and be good stewards.

Partner with us today and you’ll see for yourself that our unshakable commitment to excellence and integrity are just what the doctor ordered. STAKS...see how we STAK up to the competition.

STAKS Offers

  • General Office Supplies
  • Facility & Safety Supplies
  • Custom Self-Inking Stamps
  • Furniture
  • Custom Floor Mats

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